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Daily Dose - GAE Gets New Admin Utilities

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Daily Dose - GAE Gets New Admin Utilities

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Google released the next version of the Google AppEngineSDK this week.  The new 1.3.8 SDK includes a new Admin Console called the Instances page, which lets you see information on all server instances that an application is using.  There are also new task queue features (larger bucket size), built-in handlers for Python apps, mass entity deletion functionality, and default Python pre-compilation.

Hibernate Static Metamodel Generator Annotation Processor 1.1
JBoss' annotation processor is a mouthful to say.  The 1.1 version is near completion after reaching candidate release 1 this week.  The 1.1 version brings support for UserTypes, @Target, and an addGeneratedAnnotation option.  To learn what this annotation processor does, read this blog.

STS 2.5 Out of Milestones
The first release candidate for SpringSource Tool Suite 2.5 is out this week, along with release candidates for Spring Roo 1.1, Spring Web Flow, and GWT 2.1.  STS 2.5 supports the new version of Roo and comes with improvements for the Roo-GWT integration.  The bundles are also based on Eclipse 3.6.1.

Performance Tuning Added to Cassandra
Apache Cassandra 0.6.6 was released this week and it brings users the ability to tune performance.  Users can change Cassandra's indexing interval for more memory efficiency.  Read repair can be disabled and Cassandra 0.6.6 can also control when the JVM triggers garbage collection.  

Google's guava java: the easy parts
If the functional and concurrency packages seem like a too big an investment of time to understand and use in your code, just focus first on the easy parts.  Thanks to Tom Borthwick for the link.

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