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Daily Dose - Adobe Releases HTML5 Video Player w/Flash Rollover

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Daily Dose - Adobe Releases HTML5 Video Player w/Flash Rollover

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Adobe wasn't kidding when they said they were riding the HTML5 bandwagon as hard as anybody right now.  Rather than compete with the new web standard, Adobe has created their own HTML5 video player widget which has total CSS customizability and "gracefully" falls back onto Flash Player whenever the HTML5 <video> tag is not supported.  

"Iron" Languages Turned Over to the Community
Microsoft managers recently announced that they would be handing over the reins for the IronRuby and IronPython .NET implementations to key open source community participants in their development.  Miguel de Icaza, the lead developer of the Mono platform, blogged about the news.  Community members have seen this coming for some time as Microsoft slowly diminished the number of employees working on these programming languages until it was down to just one developer.

JetPack 0.9 Syncs with Future Electrolysis Architecture
Instead of adding more APIs, which is what has been happening in previous releases, Mozilla decided to make version 0.9 of JetPack more compatible with their future architecture: Electrolysis (e10s).  This architecture will place dedicated processes in separate memory areas for certain tasks - tasks such as the execution of add-ons.  Therefore, add-ons will not be able to directly access website content in the new JetPack version.  Instead they will send messages.

A More Groovy Eclipse
The Groovy-Eclipse package has been upgraded to version 2.1 recently, which includes Groovy 1.7.5 and support for generic types by the inferencing engine.  The relevance algorithm now ensures that content assist proposals are the first to appear.  Finally, the new release has an added extension point for third-party plugins that provide more sorting and filtering in Groovy's content assist.

Dear Oracle, Get a Clue
A well-composed argument by Ian Skerrett about why Oracle has failed in community marketing.

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