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Daily Dose - Ubuntu Ditches GNOME

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Daily Dose - Ubuntu Ditches GNOME

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I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been keeping up with how much ( or how little, really) Canonical contributes to the GNOME open source project.  Canonical made it official this week that they are moving Ubuntu away from the GNOME interface for "Natty Narwhal" and converting to it's ironically named "Unity" interface.  Mark Shuttleworth said that Unity is "a shell for GNOME, even if it isn't GNOME shell."

4th Lawsuit Against Android OEMs
Three companies have decided to take Google or its OEMs for Android to court.  First Apple sued HTC, then Oracle sued Google for Android itself, and finally Microsoft sued Motorola.  All lawsuits were related to Android models and features. Now a Dutch smart card maker called Gemalto is filing a lawsuit against Google, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC.  The company alleges that Dalvik and the OS' development tools and products infringe on technologies that the company patented when it was creating the Java Card.

Perl and Parrot Benefit from GSoC
The Perl and Parrot (VM) Foundations benefited greatly from the Google Summer of Code 2010 projects.  Some good ones included Ctypes for Perl, Hybrid Threads for Parrot, NFG and single-representation strings for Parrot, and an Instrumentation Tool for Parrot. The Rakudo distribution of Perl 6 also got support for binary data from the Google program.

The Dutch Leak Windows 8 Projected Release Date
After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Windows 8 could be the company's riskiest endeavor yet, news came out that the OS is slated to release two years from now.  Microsoft Netherlands let the two years-till-market projection slip in a Windows 7 anniversary article.  You can check out this article to see what ideas Microsoft is throwing around for the next generation of Windows.

Java For Mac, Not Oracle's Business
Although Apple is trying to push responsibility for Java on Mac over to Oracle, it's unlikely they'll build a runtime for Mac since it's not beneficial to their business.  Daniel Pfeifer brought us this link.

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