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Daily Dose - Android Adds More Countries to the Marketplace, Plus Skype

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Daily Dose - Android Adds More Countries to the Marketplace, Plus Skype

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A lot of Android news has happened in this past week.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt claims that the increase in advertising due to Android has already covered the cost of the platform's development, but Bill Ray of the Register seems skeptical.  Google also reported that over 30% of Android users are now running version 2.2 "Froyo".  Android users in more countries can buy and sell apps in the Android Marketplace this month as well.  29 more countries (including New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Australia, and Ireland) may deploy paid applications while 32 more countries (including India, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and the Czech Rep.) may now buy Android apps.  Finally, there's an official Android version of Skype out.  Take that US carriers!

Virgo and Gemini Twin Releases
Gemini, the Eclipse home for the former Spring Dynamic Modules project, and Virgo, the Eclipse home for the former SpringDM Server project, are moving quickly to their newest stable versions.  Gemini Web has moved from the milestone phase to release candidate status while Virgo has reached its fifth milestone.  Virgo includes an upgrade to Equinox 3.6.1, a leaner classpath, diagnostic improvements, and better permissions handling in Windows.  Gemini Web 1.1 and Virgo Web Server 2.1 will graduate from incubation and be shipped concurrently by the end of this month since Virgo depends on Gemini Web.

Happy 25th, FSF!
This monday was the 25th anniversary of the Free Software Foundation's creation.  It was founded in the US by Richard Stallman, who was the director of MIT's AI lab at the time.  The most important contribution of the FSF was the GPL license, which Stallman helped form after companies were taking his lab's creations, patenting them, and forcing MIT to pay for software that they themselves had created.

MariaDB 5.2 Goes Gamma
Monty Widenius' fork of MySQL, MariaDB, has reached version 5.2 RC1, which they call 5.2.2 "gamma".  This version is derived from MySQL 5.1.50 and overhauls the InnoDB thread programming.  Virtual columns are one feature that MySQL doesn't have.  It creates virtual columns for each query while persistent columns are store permanently in the table.  This feature was abandoned in MySQL along with version 6.

39 Brilliantly Designed Login and Sign Up Web Forms
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