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Daily Dose - LLVM 2.8 Includes Drop-in System Assembler

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Daily Dose - LLVM 2.8 Includes Drop-in System Assembler

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Six months after the 2.7 release of the Low-Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure, the 2.8 version is now available.  The previous version of the LLVM's front end, the Clang C/C++ compiler, was the first that could compile itself.  Now 2.8 features a drop-in system assembler, support for writing object files directly from the compiler, and an ARM disassembler.  There are also performance improvements for X87 floating point numbers.  The LLVM will begin integrating the libc++ library and the LLDB modular debugger soon. 

ASP.NET MVC 3, WebMatrix Beta 2, and an Open Source Package Manager Released
Scott Guthrie's Microsoft blog unveiled the releases of several handy new developer tools.  The first release he talked about was the NuPack open source package manager for .NET.  It simplifies the location and installation of .NET libraries.  It handles dependency management and allows open source .NET-based projects to package up their libraries so that they are registered and searchable.  ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta adds support for the new Razor view-engine along with Ajax and validation helpers.  NuPack integration and better dependency injection support are also included.  WebMatrix Beta 2 includes improved templates and it supports building ASP.NET webpages with the Razor syntax.

Drupal 7 Beta is Finally Here
The final release of Drupal 7 is almost here after months of delays due to lacking community support.  Drupal 7 Beta features a new interface and a new default core theme.  There's also a new automated testing framework, better scalability and security, a revamped database, ajax, file systems, jQuery 1.4 support, RDFa, and more.  The lack of contributors is surprising since many Drupal shops are so overwhelmed with customers that they've had to turn away some business.

MacRuby 0.7 Released
The newly released MacRuby 0.7 is a consolidation release, developers say.  0.7 offers better Cocoa support, sandbox support, and better concurrency.  This release targets Ruby 1.9.2 and now passes 90% of the RubySpec tests.

Top things to do after installing Ubuntu 10.10 Marevick Meerkat
The final release of Ubuntu 10.10 is coming this week!  Read up on what you can do before it drops!  Thanks for the link, Simo Zinov.

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