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Daily Dose - W3C Drafts Indexed Database API Standard

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Daily Dose - W3C Drafts Indexed Database API Standard

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W3C Drafts Indexed Database API Standard   
The W3C just posted a draft set of APIs for offline storage of web content.  Formerly known as WebSimpleDB APIs, the Indexed Database APIs will introduce web standards for the storage of web app data on a user's browser for offline access.  The the standard will put the database engine directly into the browser and allow values to be associated with keys, facilitating retrieval.  This standard will possibly eliminate the need for developers to make their own systems for storing data offline.  The Web Storage standard is one other technology being developed by the W3C that could be used to store smaller sets of data offline.  The W3C's Web SQL Database standard is similar to the Indexed Database API (but it only stores SQL; Indexed Database APIs can consume data from non-relational databases), but the work on that standard has stopped for now.  The group will submit the last call for comments on the Indexed Database APIs in the next few months.

Welcome to Mobile Customer Service Google!
Apparently Google is trying to accomplish all of their customer service response via email and online forums.  There's certainly a lot of customer satisfaction, but a ton of complaints have been coming in as well.  Here are some of the angry comments criticizing Google's customer service.  If this outcry continues, Google may have to consider getting customer service reps available over the phone.

Firefox 3.6 is Getting Close
With the recent release of Firefox 3.6 RC1, the GA release is close.  RC1 is based on version 1.9.2 of the Gecko web rendering platform and includes over 70 bug fixes.  There are three known bugs in the current RC1: crashes in FIPS mode, trouble playing Linux system sounds, and problems with Hotmail scroll arrows.  Once again, something from Microsoft is getting in the way of web interoperability.

Microsoft Admits Mistakes in Mobile
Robbie Bach, the president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, admitted at the Consumer Electronics Show that Microsoft's phones were not as modern as they needed to be.  He said that the phones were skewed toward business users and not the overall consumer market.  However, Bach said things like the Windows 7 Mobile OS and Microsoft's online services (cloud) strategy will help them get back in the game.  

Programmer Competency Matrix
Want to find out how good of a programmer you are?  Check out Indian Geek's Programmer Competency Matrix for his ideas on programmer competency ranking.  There are plenty of different categories to excel in.

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