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Daily Dose - JBoss AS 7.0 Goes Alpha, AS 6.0 Finishing Up Beta

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Daily Dose - JBoss AS 7.0 Goes Alpha, AS 6.0 Finishing Up Beta

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JBoss plans to keep the development train rolling for their open source application server.  While JBoss AS 6.0 is approaching the candidate release stage, JBoss is now releasing early builds of the next generation app server, 7.0.  They announced the first 7.0 alpha this week, codenamed "Halloween".  The new management features make things much easier for administrators in small to very large environments.  Configuration is centralized and presented more intuitively.  JBoss is also moving to a "pure" modular class-loading environment that will allow developers to hide implementation classes from app deployments.  Check out the two videos showcasing 7.0's powerful new capabilities. 

Apotheker Tracked to Japan
HP CEO Leo Apotheker has been found in the land of the rising sun, far away from Oracle's process servers and private investigators.  Just a few days ago he gave an interview to the Nikkei business daily.  Both Apotheker and HP have refused to accept Oracle's subpoena to have the HP CEO appear in court for a trial between Oracle and SAP.  Apotheker was the former CEO of SAP.

Symbian Foundation Reduced to Licensing Organization
With Android and Apple gaining widespread popularity on a global scale, Symbian was destined to fall according to many analysts' predictions.  This week they announced that they'd be transitioning a development organization to a legal entity for software licensing.  Open sourced in 2008 by Nokia, Symbian has developed the most widely deployed mobile operating system for some time.  Some called it "the biggest open source project ever."

Mule MQ Gets New Admin Screens
The 5.5 version of the Mule Messaging Queue w as released this week with four new administration screens in the Enterprise Manager.  The new screens included a monitor panel similar to the Windows task manager, an audit panel that displays the remote audit file contents, a thread status panel for thread pool stats, and a drill down panel for memory and data usage metrics.

Apache Bares its Teeth, Threatens to Vote Against Java SE 7
A statement from the ASF reiterates their desire to see Oracle provide TCK licenses.

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