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Daily Dose - Django 1.3 Goes Alpha

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The well-known Python-based web framework, Django, has delivered its first preview release for version 1.3.  This next version will allow developers to use a class as a view and will have framework-level support for Python's logging module.  More features are discussed on the Django project docs.

Lua Integration Into CPython
A new package for Python called "Lupa" allows the LuaJIT2 runtime to be integrated with CPython, the most common Python runtime.  The wrapper is a partial rewrite of LunaticPython with extra features such as coroutine support.  LuaJIT complements Python well because it compiles Python code into very efficient machine code.

Nexus S?
It was taken down before most people saw it, but thanks to Google cache, we know about Best Buy's advertisement for a device called the Nexus S.  Even if it isn't the product's final name, it's likely that this is a clear indication that there is a so-called "Nexus Two" and it's close to shipping.  Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" was supposed to be released this week according to several reports.  Are the Nexus S and 2.3 Android OS going to be released together?

RHEL 6 Released
The sixth version of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux distribution just had its general availability release.  With a newer Linux kernel, RHEL theoretically scales up to 4,096 processor cores.  RHEL 5 still supports Xen hypervisors, but version 6 uses only KVM.  Red Hat also added more affordable subscriptions to their offering of RHEL 6.

How to Reduce the XML in your Spring Configuration
Learn about configuring an application using the Spring component model.  Post by Adam FitzGerald

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