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Daily Dose - WebM Available for 80% of YouTube Daily Videos

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Daily Dose - WebM Available for 80% of YouTube Daily Videos

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According to Google's John Luther, over 80% of daily YouTube videos are now available in WebM: a completely free and open source codec pack for HTML5 video.  After it was open sourced at Google I/O in the spring, WebM was quickly adopted by browser-makers and has become part of the FFmpeg project.  Google is also working hard to improve the VP8 video codec in WebM, which lags behind H.264 in some areas.

Hyperic Migrates from EJB to Spring
One of the biggest changes to the recent release of Hyperic 4.5 is the migration from being an EJB application running on JBoss AS to a Spring web application running on Apache Tomcat.  This has allowed project developers to transform existing stateless session EJBs into POJOs with autowired dependencies.  The developers also say that the code complexity was reduced by implementing Spring for dependency injection.

Mule Update Improves "Flow"
Mulesoft released the first update to their significantly-different Mule ESB 3.0 line.  Mule 3.0.1 adds fully asynchronous flows to the new "Flow" feature from 3.0.  Other changes include support for jBPM 4.4, more than 40 bugfixes, and re-organized documentation.

STS 2.5.1 Brings New Possibilities to Grails Deployments
The recently released SpringSource Tool Suite 2.5.1 now allows Grails projects to be deployed directly from STS into a SpringSource tc Server via drag-and-drop plus Spring Insight's profiling.  This version of STS adds support for tc Server 2.1  JDT weaving is also enabled by default now.

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