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Daily Dose - Mozilla Shifting Extensions to Jetpack and Personas

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Mozilla Shifting Extensions to Jetpack and Personas   
In a recent blog post, Mike Connor said that Mozilla plans to shift the platform for Firefox add-ons over to the Jetpack and Personas projects.  The goal is to make extension building more developer-friendly.  Firefox add-ons use Mozilla's XUL descriptive language, but Jetpack and Personas use good old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Developers can build their add-ons or themes right in the browser with these tools.  Installing a Jetpack extension or Persona theme doesn't even require a restart.  Connor says Mozilla wants to drive every compatible extension to either Jetpack or Personas.

Android App to Steal Money
The US credit union has issued a warning about an Android app, which was quickly deleted, that was infected with a trojan designed to steal users' bank login.  The application, submitted by a user called Droid09, was portrayed as an account access simplifier for various banks.  Now some people are wondering if Google should check applications before they are approved for the Android Market.  Palm's stingy app approval process doesn't look so bad now does it?

CA Acquires its Cloud Buddy, Oblicore
Without disclosing the details of the merger, CA announced that it has acquired Oblicore, a provider of service-level management technology.  The two companies had already worked together to integrate Oblicore technology into CA's management applications.  Now that CA owns the company, they could integrate the IT service catalog capabilities even further to extend management into cloud computing environments.

Python 2.7 Slithers toward its Resting Place
The window for major new features in Python 2 is slowly closing.  The Python team just released the second alpha of Python 2.7.  The new release features updates for CPython's OpenSSL and SQLite libraries on Windows.  2.7 will be the last major edition of Python 2.x before the language goes into bug-fix-only mode.  With Python 3 in stasis for a couple of years, Python shouldn't have any radical changes for awhile after 2.7.  This is so the technologies in Python 2.x can catch up to Python 3, which developers decided was biting off more than it could chew.  

What My 2 Year Old Taught Me About Software

Sometimes it takes a toddler to show similarities between software customers and 2 year olds.  They need to see the product before they know if they actually want it.

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