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Daily Dose - Someone Finally Buys Novell

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Daily Dose - Someone Finally Buys Novell

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Novell has finally found a buyer for every sector of its business this week.  While many speculated that VMware was going to take the SUSE Linux division of Novell, it turns out that Attachmate is the main buyer and they will own this technology.  The price tag ended up at $2.2 billion and some IP assets were also sold to CPTN Holdings, a Microsoft-led consortium.

GridGain 3 Gets Scala Support
One of the more popular cloud app development platforms, GridGain, has just released a new version.  This version adds support for Scala and is able to treat an entire cloud as a single virtual machine.  GridGain 3.0 now requires Java 6 and Scala 2.8 or later.  

Intel Says New Architecture Could Scale to 1,000 Cores
At the Supercomputer 2010 conference this week, Intel researcher Timothy Mattson said that the new chip architecture in Intel 48-core Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processor is "arbitrarily scalable," meaning it could scale to as many as 1,000 cores, in theory.  After the 1K mark, the cores would start to negatively impact performance.  Mattson also argues that it would be better for chips to eliminate cache coherency and allow cores to pass messages between each other.

Rails 3.0.3 Back Up to Speed
When Rails 3.x came out, some performance was lost.  However, Ruby on Rails developers recently delivered RoR 3.0.3, which boosts the speed of Active Record.  Active Record provides the basis for Rails models and adds data validation and database independence.

JVM Web Framework Rating Matrix
Check out the survey results from Matt Raible's Devoxx presentation. 

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