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Daily Dose - Jena Semantic Web Framework Joins Apache Incubator

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Daily Dose - Jena Semantic Web Framework Joins Apache Incubator

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The Jena project is a Java web framework that implements W3C recommendations from the RDF and SPARQL specifications.  Recently this project was accepted into the Apache Incubator and hopes to gain broader support in the Java community.  Jena contains APIs for working with RDF, OWL, and SPARQL.  Jena also contains multiple storage systems for RDF data plus parsers and writers for RDF formats.  You can also check out the Jenabean project, which uses RDF/OWL APIs to persist Java beans.

Oracle Plans to Take includeDB Out of HotSpot Build Process
A Java SE Licensee has recently posted a letter received earlier this month from Oracle stating that they plan on discontinuing the usage of includeDB , which is responsible for generating header files and a list for each source file at compile time.  IncludeDB also generated precompiled headers that reduced the compile times for other compilers.  Oracle says that by removing includeDB, they will fix the maintenance issues associated with it and remove the difficulties it creates for modern IDEs.  The mechanism will be replaced by a static list of header files.  The include files will be listed at the top of their respective source files.

Voldemort 0.9 Approaches
While most people are talking about Voldemort in the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," (myself included!) a few developers have news about another Voldemort - the popular NoSQL store behind LinkedIn.  A release candidate for Voldemort 0.9 includes "hinted handoff" support and an NIO based client with a routing layer that is pipeline-based.  There have also been improvements to read-only storage engine.

Cassandra Prepares for 0.7 Release with RC
Voldemort's not the only NoSQL with a new release candidate available.  Cassandra 0.7 has also reached that stage adding clustertool, nodetool cfhistogram, config-converter, sstablekeys, and schematool.  The JNA dependency is now included in the RPM package, SLF4J has been updated to version 1.6.1, and ConcurrentLinkedHashMap has been upgraded to version 1.1.

Groovy CodeNarc Screencast: Creating a static analysis rule
Check out this video tutorial for CodeNarc, an open source static analysis tool for the Groovy programming language.  Link posted by Hamlet D'Arcy.

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