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Daily Dose - Facebook Joins Apache's Sponsors

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Daily Dose - Facebook Joins Apache's Sponsors

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Facebook Joins Apache's Sponsors   
Facebook officially joined Apache's roster of sponsors yesterday.  Facebook has contributed to Apache projects such as Hive (Hadoop subproject), Thrift, and Cassandra.  The social networking giant recently became a Gold sponsor, which is the second highest level under Platinum.  Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are the only Platinum sponsors.  So what level sponsor do I become if I contribute 20 bucks?  Coal?

Google Docs Will Do More than Just Docs

Google says it's going to roll out new Google Docs capabilities in the next few weeks.  Docs will soon be able to store any type of file, not just word documents and spreadsheets.  This capability will not overshadow Google's G-drive for syncing larger amounts of data into the cloud.

Is the Worst of the IT Spending Downturn Over?
According to Forrester, technology spending should grow in 2010.  The research firm predicts a 6.6% growth after IT spending fell by 8.2% in 2009.  In global terms, Forrester expects an 8.1% jump in US dollars and a 5.6% increase based on local currencies.  Software, they expect, will grow 9.2% in 2010.  

Ubuntu Tweak Gets Tweaked
Version 0.5 of Ubuntu Tweak is now available with an updated UI.  Ubuntu Tweak is a tool that adds additional installation configuration capabilities in Ubuntu.  The new version drops support for Ubuntu 9.04 and lower and only supports systems running GNOME.  The application center, update manager, and source center in Ubuntu Tweak 0.5 have all been improved.  Tweak developers say that version 0.6 will support Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx".

Alex Tkachman has written about his experiments in Groovy++ (aka. Groovy Booster).  Groovy++ is a statically typed form of Groovy and is now available in preview at Google Code

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