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Daily Dose - Chrome OS Pushed to 2011

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Daily Dose - Chrome OS Pushed to 2011

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While Google originally intended to have Chrome OS-based netbooks ready by the holiday season, the manufacturers are now saying that we won't be seeing Chrome OS for consumers until 2011.  Although Google might be able to spin up a beta or developer preview by year's end, there's still no release date set for the elusive OS.  Developers and techies are wondering when they'll finally get a chance to play with Google's new vision for the OS.

SAP Must Pony Up $1.3 Billion for Oracle
It took the jury just four days to rule in favor of Oracle in a case where the company accused an SAP subsidiary of stealing trade secrets.  The jury said that SAP owes Oracle a whopping $1.3 billion dollars—a large fraction of the amount SAP currently has in the bank: $3.86 billion.  $1.3 billion is the largest amount ever awarded for software piracy.  It's very likely that SAP will appeal the verdict.

Akka 1.0 is Almost Ready
The first release candidate for Akka 1.0 has arrived, and with it comes support for remote agents and TypedActors returning Java Option.  The Persistence module now has memcached protocol support and secure cookie-based remote node authentication has been included.  One of the main changes in Akka 1.0 will be the split between the Akka core and Akka modules.

PyPy 1.4 Slithers Forth - Faster Than Before
The Python interpreter written in Python, PyPy, is now at version 1.4.  The new version adds a JIT compiler, which significantly raises the speed for completing long running tasks.  The new version also features 32 and 64 bit Linux versions that are now considered stable enough for production.

Can you Name the Programming Language if You Know Their Creators?
In this sporcle quiz, you'll be given the name(s) of the developer(s) who initiated the creation of a programming language. Can you guess which programming language they created?

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