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Daily Dose - Seam 3 Goes Beta!

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Microservices! They are everywhere, or at least, the term is. When should you use a microservice architecture? What factors should be considered when making that decision? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Why is everyone so excited about them, anyway?  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.

The first beta for JBoss' Seam 3.0 framework is now available.  It requires Weld 1.0.1 Beta 1+ and JBoss logging instead of SLF4J.  This release includes an early integration of Seam Managed Transactions, an input field container component, and a bugfix for an issue with FlashScopedContext.  The Seam Managed Transactions require an optional dependency on the Seam Persistence Module and the input field container component supplements a composite component.  

Google: $500 to $3133.70 Bounties on Web App Bugs
Google has put a huge bounty on security vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser.  Now they've got a large potential bounty available for finding bugs in their suite of web services including Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, etc.  Qualification guidelines and rules are posted on Google's Online Security blog.  

First Release Candidate for Linux Kernel 2.6.37
It's been a little more than a week since the 2.6.36 Linux kernel was released, and now the 2.6.37 release candidate has been issued.  The new kernel has about 9,500 changes.  The core areas don't need the Big Kernel Lock anymore and the new kernel includes initial domain support for Xen.  The UAS driver for USB Attached SCSI has been added as well.  2.6.37 also supports Apple's Magic Trackpad.

OpenBSD 4.8 Surfaces
The 4.8 version of the OpenBSD OS had been released.  4.8 includes OpenSSH 5.5, ACPI suspend/resume, OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD/routing daemon improvements, and more hardware support.  The developers have started work on the next release.

Gavin King: "This is not a bug"
Have a good laugh by seeing this thread on the Hibernate JIRA.  Gavin King says he will post the same comment every few years on this "bug".

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