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Daily Dose - Scam Charity Sites Pop up in the Wake of the Haiti Earthquake

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Daily Dose - Scam Charity Sites Pop up in the Wake of the Haiti Earthquake

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Scam Charity Sites Pop up in the Wake of the Haiti Earthquake
The FBI and Better Business Bureau have posted warnings about the fake charity sites popping up that are claiming to provide assistance to earthquake victims in Haiti but keep the donations instead.  This disturbing kind of scam has become more prevalent ever since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Cybertheives will even used paid search engine placement ads to promote their sites.  Donations should only be directed to websites of recognized charities like the Disasters Emergency Committee in the UK and the IFRC (Red Cross and Red Crescent).  Microsoft has pledged $1.25 million to the relief effort via NetHope.

SAP Repeals Maligned Support Lock-In
After forcing customers to move to an expensive Enterprise support service over a year ago, SAP is now backtracking on that decision and giving its customers a chance to purchase a standard support package.  The standard package will offer legal updates, problem resolution, knowledge transfer and quality management to keep SAP systems running.  The Standard Support will cost 18% of the software license base while Enterprise Support will cost 22%.

A Portal for Linux Job Seekers and Employers

The Linux Foundation just announced the launch of the Linux Jobs Board on Linux.com.  The portal is a blessing for employers that need people with Linux skills and people that have those skills and need a job.  Pricing for a job post starts at $99 for 15 days.  The JobThread Network says demand for Linux-related jobs has grown 80% since 2005.

Oracle Eyes Water Smart Grids
Companies like HP, Google, and IBM have pushed for the adoption of smart grid technology for things like energy and traffic monitoring.  Oracle believes that water is another major resource that needs smart grids.  The company recently surveyed over 300 water utility managers and 68% believed that smart metering was critical for water utilities.  Oracle also surveyed 1,200 consumers and 76% said they were concerned about water conservation.  Oracle said at least 36 states in the US are projecting water shortages in the next three years.

I Have No Talent
John Nunemaker believes that good developers are not talented, they just work hard.  Read his blog post at the top of DZone's links in the past 24 hours for a good pep talk.

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