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Daily Dose - Lift 2.2 M1 Adds MVC Style Helpers

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Daily Dose - Lift 2.2 M1 Adds MVC Style Helpers

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The Scala and Java-based web framework, Lift, is getting the first of many new features for the upcoming 2.2 version.  With the first milestone release this week, Lift 2.2 adds designer-friendly templates, CSS Selector transforms, and stateless rendering including the HTML pipeline.  Lift 2.2 M1 also adds some simple MVC style helpers and separates CRUDify and ProtoUser from Mapper - allowing any backing store to be used.

More Machine Learning Algorithms in Apache Mahout 0.4
Apache Mahout has added a number of new machine learning algorithms to their open source, scalable algorithm library.  New algorithms in the 0.4 release include Spectral Clustering, MinHash Clustering, and a Naive Bayes classifier.  Mahout became a top level project at Apache earlier this year.

Oracle Runs Leo Out of Town, Acquires ATG
Two stories from Oracle have made headlines this week.  First, the company delivered on CEO Larry Ellison's warning that if Leo Apotheker, the former CEO of SAP and current CEO of HP, were to come and work at HP's headquarters, Oracle would serve Apotheker a subpoena to testify at SAP's current trial with Oracle.  Oracle alleges that a SAP subsidiary stole software secrets.  This week HP tired to refuse the acceptance of Oracle's subpoena and got Apotheker out of town so he'd be out of the trial's jurisdiction.  In other news at Oracle, the company just acquired ATG for $1 billion.

Skyfire: Flash Video for the iPhone - Now Sold Out
It was a bit of a surprise just to see that Skyfire, a mobile browser app that renders Flash video via the cloud, was approved by the Apple App Store.  Even more surprising was the fact that only a few hours after it was released, the company announced that they had " sold out."  Apparently the app is being used so much that the company's cloud servers are having issues, so they stopped selling the app for now.

Behold! The Battle for Java Earth (Elli-Sauron and the Orc-acles)
Will you join the battle for Java Earth?

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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