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Daily Dose - Out of the Blue - Microsoft Open Sources F# Under Apache v2

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Daily Dose - Out of the Blue - Microsoft Open Sources F# Under Apache v2

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In a big surprise from Microsoft, Principal Researcher Don Syme announced that their relatively young functional programming language for the .NET platform, F#, is being open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license.  The F# compiler and core library source code are now available on CodePlex.  Now's the time to pick up DZone's " Essential F#" Refcard by Chance Coble and Ted Neward.  For more info on this breaking news, visit DZone's .NET Zone.

Chrome 9 Swiftly Follows 8
I'm almost starting to feel like Google doesn't take these major version number changes very seriously.  I know their mantra is "Release Early, Release Often," but this is crazy.  Less than a month after Chrome 8 was released in the Dev Channel, version 9 has been released.  This could be in response to Firefox and IE9's debut of hardware acceleration.  Chrome developers say that version 9 or 10 should catch them up in terms of hardware acceleration.

You're Gonna Love "Lovelock"
Fedora 14 is out, and the next version has been named.  Fedora 15 shall be known as "Lovelock" after a city in the US state of Nevada.  The odd naming convention for Fedora doesn't follow one theme.  Instead, they make sure that the codename is connected in some way to the previous one, but with a different connection from the one used between the last two releases.  Fedora 13 and 14 were connected because they were named after physicists "Goddard" and "Laughlin".  Laughlin is also a city in Nevada, so developers chose the Fedora 15 name from another city in Nevada.  Now you know.  Aren't you glad I explained it?

OpenFaces 3.0 - Now JSF 2.0 Compliant
On GitHub, the open source OpenFaces project just released version 3.0.  This is the first release to gain compatibility with the Java EE 6 standard, JSF 2.0.  The OpenFaces 2.x line, which supports JSF 1.2, will still be developed in parallel with 3.x.

Play! framework 1.1 released with a new terrific web site!
Find code snippets and the list of new features on Play Framework's new site.  Link posted by Nicolas Leroux.

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