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Daily Dose - The Next Yummy Version of Android is…

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Daily Dose - The Next Yummy Version of Android is…

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The Next Yummy Version of Android is…  
Erick Tseng, the Senior Project Manager for Android, recently told Engagdet what the tasty confection codename for Android's next version would be: Froyo.  Froyo is short for "frozen yogurt".  The version names continue in alphabetical order: Cupcake, Donuts, Eclair, and now Froyo.  Some people thought the next name would be Flan since baked goods seemed to be the pattern.  There's nothing to report about the technical specs though.  Android 2.1 is considered part of Eclair.

Oracle Prepares for Sun Deal Closure
With several sources saying that the EU is set to approve the Oracle-Sun deal this week, Digital Daily recently posted an article describing three emails that Oracle intends to send to Sun employees.  According to DD, Oracle has written three emails: One that congratulates the employees that get to keep their jobs, one that lets some employees know they've been fired as a result of the acquisition, and another one that offers a transitional temporary position - probably for people in finance and HR.  For most Sun employees, the second letter will be sad news, but for high-level executives, the payout for being terminated is nothing to cry about.

Apple in Cahoots with NY Times?
Sources expect the New York Times to announce a new for-pay model for their content.  The metered payment model could be announced in the next few weeks, which is exactly around the time that Apple will supposedly unveil the 'Tablet'.  According to a New York magazine, the paid content model could coincide with an Apple distribution deal on the Tablet, making the new tech a glorified newspaper.

Microsoft Wants the Last Word
In December, Microsoft lost its appeal in the copyright infringement case that nearly took Word off the market.  Microsoft has since released a patch that takes away the infringing technologies, but they have asked for a rare rehearing in the case that i4i brought against them.  They have even threatened to go to the Supreme Court.  Microsoft still claims that it isn't infringing on any patents and says the $290 million in damages is "grossly excessive".  

Should You Be a Generalist Or a Specialist?
Developers find inspiration in the least likely places.  Ville Laurikari blogs about his lesson from a martial arts teacher who taught him how learning one thing requires context, meaning you have to learn other things too.

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