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Daily Dose - IBM has the Most Patents, but Microsoft's Could be Worth More

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Daily Dose - IBM has the Most Patents, but Microsoft's Could be Worth More

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IBM has the Most Patents, but Microsoft's Could be Worth More
For the 17th year in a row, IBM has gotten more patents than any other company.  The computer giant racked up a record 4,914 patents in 2009, which is more than Microsoft, HP, Google, Oracle, and Apple combined!  However, a Bloomberg study claims that IBM only ranks eighth in patent value over the last five years.  The number one rank goes to Microsoft.  According to the study, IBM doesn't gain much value from the large number of service patents it has, but Microsoft gains a lot of profit from its video-game and software patents.  IBM says the study doesn't include the "leverage" they get from patents, but Microsoft agrees that company's quantity of patents isn't as important as the quality.

Qt for Maemo
The beta version of the Qt library for Maemo 5 has just been released with all of its APIs being feature complete.  This is the first chance developers will have to develop applications for the Maemo mobile OS using Qt.  Nokia plans to make Qt the basis for Maemo 6.  Also announced was the first bugfix release for Qt 4.6.

EC Plans Deadline for Yahoo Buyout
The European Commission has alloted one more month to decide whether or not to allow Microsoft's purchase Yahoo's search business.  The EC confirmed this date in a list of planned mergers that they are currently reviewing.  Back in July, when the two firms finalized the search agreement, they expected to be finished with the deal in October, but they took more time than expected working out the details.

Germany Says "Don't Use Explorer!"

The German Federal Office for Information Security, or BSI, told citizens today that they should not use Internet Explorer following the recent Chinese cyber attacks on Google and other vendors.  Microsoft responded, saying that the hole could be closed by setting the browser's internet security zone to "high."  However, the BSI said that wasn't enough.  Microsoft reportedly plans to release an emergency patch before the end of this week.

It seems that the last story on the Dose is also the top link on DZone.  I Wonder how this announcement will effect Microsoft's browser share.

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