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Daily Dose - IntelliJ IDEA X: Faster, Smarter, Plus a Free Android IDE!

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Daily Dose - IntelliJ IDEA X: Faster, Smarter, Plus a Free Android IDE!

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It's been a little more than a year since IntelliJ IDEA 9 was released and a free and open source version of the IDE became available—this turned out to be a great decision.  Today,  IntelliJ IDEA 10 is here.  Along with a 2x speed upgrade for initial project indexing and revamped code completion, IntelliJ IDEA 10 also comes with a new freebie: an Android IDE.  Go download the Ultimate or Community edition to experience new Mercurial support, detachable tabs, improved Git support, a dedicated database table editor, and a native file system watcher for Linux.

Just in Time for the Holidays - EclipseRT Packaging Proposed
The Eclipse Packaging Project has just proposed the RT Packaging project, which will use the many technologies of the Eclipse Runtime Project (e.g. Equinox, Jetty, Gemini, Virgo, etc.) to generate packages for setting up a runtime platform on various operating systems and architectures.  The project will also include a config tool for building and extending packages. 

Microsoft Introduces "Do Not Track" Feature for IE9
This week, Microsoft took a hint from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), who recently suggested a "do not track" button for all browsers, and added one to IE9.  It seems that this feature would be different from functionality like Chrome's incognito mode.  This IE9 option will allow users to create lists of sites that are or are not allowed to set cookies.

GemFire 1.0 Moves to Milestone 2
Spring's newly acquired and integrated distributed data management platform, GemFire, is approaching the 1.0 release.  This week, the new version reached milestone 2.  Added features in this milestone include new configuration for region lookup-only, extended namespace support, native GemFire 6.5, and twice as much documentation.

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