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Daily Dose - Eclipse 3.7 and 4.1 Hit Milestone 4

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Daily Dose - Eclipse 3.7 and 4.1 Hit Milestone 4

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Eclipse 3.7 "Indigo" and Eclipse 4.1, which is still aimed at early adopters, received new features in milestone 4 this week.  For both Eclipse versions, the milestone brings Equinox updates for the OSGi R4.3 spec, memory usage upgrades for p2, and support for multiple build configurations in each project.  JDT added new quick assists.

Weld and CDI TCK Take a New Approach to Managing Contexts
Weld, the RI for CDI has has reached 1.1 CR1.  The new approach to managing contexts in this version makes it much easier to write view-layer integrations.  Significant performance and startup improvements have been made along with 70 bugfixes.  There are also many improvements to memory usage with the goal of reaching 1k per class deployed by Weld 1.2  The new CDI TCK, version 1.0.2, was also just released.

Android Market Gets a New Look
The Android Market just got a significant facelift with an updated UI that includes a new carousel view, which allows easier navigation.  The browse and purchase process has also been greatly streamlined.  Refund time has been reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes, which is good for developers.  Most users who want a refund do it within the first few minutes anyway.  Finally, the max application size has been increased to 50MB, allowing for longer, more complex games.

Spring Data gets Redis Module
The first milestone of Spring Data - Redis Support 1.0 was just released.  The founding developer of Redis, and open source NoSQL, is now employed by VMware.  Some fruits of this partnership are now being seen in the Spring Data project, which makes it easier to develop Spring apps that use things like NoSQL, MapReduce, and cloud data services.  Many of the basic required features were added in this milestone, including atomic counter support classes, JDK collection implementations on top of Redis, and various serialization strategies.

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