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Daily Dose - CloudBees Adds Another Java All-Star

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Daily Dose - CloudBees Adds Another Java All-Star

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A few weeks ago, CloudBees, a cloud infrastructure that lets developers write code, test it, and put it into production on a PaaS, acquired InfraDNA—the infant startup of Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who left Oracle this year.  I spoke with CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey about CloudBees, and he says that the company's mission is to provide a service that requires no interaction with or dependency on the IT department.  This week, CloudBees added another all-star to their team with the acquisition of Stax Networks.  Their CEO, Spike Washburn, was a founding member of the IBM WebSphere Application Server team.

Ext4 File System Used for Gingerbread
Android 2.3 devices, starting with the Nexus S, will be the first to feature the Ext4 file system.  Before Gingerbread, Android devices would typically use YAFFS (Yet Another Flash File System) as the default.  This file system would have been a bottleneck on future dual core phones.  Btrfs was not used because it is still considered beta.

Apache Gets a Site for the 'Extras'
The ASF announced a new Google code site for tools and code that are associated with Apache projects, but not individual Apache top-level projects themselves.  This new collection can be found at apache-extras.org.  Apache says this site will also provide a place for projects that want to indicate a tight relationship with official Apache projects, yet remain independent from Apache's license and project management process.

Makewave and Paremus Combine Powers in the Name of OSGi!
Two companies that focus on deep OSGi technologies such as OSGi kernels and cloud deployments have joined forces this week to merge their efforts into a single distro.  The companies Makewave and Paremus have made the "Nimble Distribution Starter Pack" available for free, and it includes the Paremus OSGi Shell, Apache Felix, Equinox, Makewave's Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise, and an OBR dependency resolver and provisioner.  Premium customers have access to the source code.

Top 50 Programming Quotes of All Time
Check out Jun Auza's favorite programming quotes of all time.  Find inspiration, and some laughs.

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