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Daily Dose - Firefox Creative Lead Leaves Mozilla

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Daily Dose - Firefox Creative Lead Leaves Mozilla

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Aza Raskin, the current Creative Lead for Mozilla's Firefox browser, is leaving January 1,  2011 to found a new startup called Massive Health.  After two years at Mozilla, Raskin wrote a heartfelt farewell saying, "Firefox is a project you never want to leave."  However, he believes it's important for healthcare to have a "design Renaissance," and he plans to build products and services that are more responsive to patient needs.

Survey Indicates SOA and Agile Established, Virtualization on the Rise
According to AppDynamic's survey of over 140 IT professionals, virtualization could see a significant rise in 2011 with 54% saying that they have virtualization projects planned for 2011.  The survey also found that a third of respondents have adopted the "DevOps" approach.  49% said they were ramping up agile development techniques and 66% intended to enact additional initiatives for their SOA.  One third of respondents said that they had plans to migrate their applications to the cloud.
Mesos Cluster Manager Going to Apache
Originally a research project at UC Berkeley, the Mesos project is being tested at companies like Facebook and Twitter.  Now a proposal has been submitted to have the project enter the Apache Incubator.  Mesos provides both isolation and sharing across clustered apps that use technologies such as Hadoop or MapReduce.  Mesos also includes a unified interface for cluster programming frameworks.

MacRuby 0.8 Moves to Snow Leopard
The Mac variant of Ruby, MacRuby, has reached version 0.8 this week.  It's been two months since the last release of MacRuby, so the changes aren't dramatic, but the enhancements to Cocoa functionality and support for auto-indentation and completion in macirb make it worth the download.  However, you will need to upgrade your Mac to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard if you want to use this new version since older versions are no longer supported.

Top reasons why IntelliJ IDEA is my favorite IDE
Many people ask Manuel Aldana why he prefers IntelliJ IDEA over any other IDE.  This post explains why Eclipse users should convert.

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