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Daily Dose - After Two Years, a New MySQL is Unveiled

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Daily Dose - After Two Years, a New MySQL is Unveiled

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It was two years ago when Sun released MySQL 5.1.  Today the open source project's formidable user base will finally get the next major release, MySQL 5.5.  The first major version produced by Oracle includes InnoDB by default, SIGNAL/RESIGNAL support for exception handling, and semi-synchronous replication. 

Apache CXF Goes 'Enterprise'

FuseSource just announced a new enterprise subscription for their enhanced Apache CXF distribution.  The new standalone Fuse Subscription for CXF mirrors how Apache CXF is most commonly deployed in the enterprise.  It supports an unlimited number of endpoints as opposed to a more traditional per machine pricing structure.  The subscription also includes the Fuse HQ monitoring and management software, support, and training.

Greg Luck Says What's in Store for Terracotta in 2011

Ehcache creator Greg Luck wrote a round up of the things Terracotta did in 2010 and gave us a taste of things to come in 2011.  Luck says that we'll be seeing speed upgrades, key/value search, local transactions, a native .NET assembly, and more upgrades for BigMemory.  The movement into the .NET sphere should be interesting.

Opera 11 Released!
The release of Opera 11 arrived this week.  The new browser comes with performance improvements, memory issue fixes, tab stacking, and visual mouse gestures.  Still, they're having a tough time keeping up with the other browsers in market share.

Making A Good Thing Even Better: Google Open Source WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler
This week, Java developers are seeing more benefits from Google's Instantiations acquisition. 

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