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Daily Dose - Project Darwin Beta is Evolving

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Daily Dose - Project Darwin Beta is Evolving

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Project Darwin Beta is Evolving
The beta program for the next release of Ehcache for Terracotta, dubbed "Project Darwin," is now live over at Terracotta.org.  The next version of Ehcache supports fully-coherent distributed caching directly through the Ehcache API or as a Hibernate Second-Level Cache.  It will also support dynamic config, JTA, and write-behind caching.  The new version of Terracotta Web Sessions in Darwin includes support for Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Glassfish, and more.  Support for OSGi containers is another big addition.  Go sign up for the beta and test-drive the new capabilities coming to Ehcache for Terracotta.

Get Yer Firefox 3.6!
After several delays, Firefox 3.6 has finally arrived!  The new Firefox has built-in support for lightweight browser themes called Personas along with support for the Web Open Font Format, which uses a compressed version of the snft structure and adds metadata.  Scripts can now run asynchronously in Firefox 3.6, and JavaScript performance has gotten a 20% improvement since 3.5.  There is also support for new CSS, DOM, and HTML5 technologies.  A new alert function will tell users when their plugins, like Flash, require an update.  Download the final release here.

Microsoft Releases IE Patch Kick in the Teeth; Opera and Firefox on the Rise
Soon after Germany issued its warning about the risks of using Internet Explorer, France's cybersecurity agency, Certa, issued a similar warning.  Australia soon followed.  Installations of competing browsers like Opera and Firefox have experienced rapid growth in those countries as a result.  To be fair, the security hole that has gotten so much attention is only present in IE6 running on Windows XP, so people only have themselves to blame if they don't upgrade their browsers.  Even so, the bad press has forced Microsoft to release a patch in the last 24 hours.  The UK government, in a display of British stoicism, said it would not be issuing a warning for IE users.

Develop for Kindle!
Amazon is inviting developers to build content for the Kindle Store with its recently announced SDK.  The KDK (Kindle Development Kit) will be available in limited beta starting in February.  The content that is developed will be downloadable in the Kindle Store later this year.  KDK will have access to support, test content, and lots of other goodies.  Applications will range from games and puzzles, to restaurant reviews and city guides.  Sign up now because space is limited.

Contexts And Dependency Injection In JavaEE
You've heard about Java EE6's Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) for awhile now.  Why don't you pick up DZone's CDI refcard and learn how to really take advantage of this spec using Weld, the CDI reference implementation.

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