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Daily Dose - Still Waiting for the Chrome Web Store

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Daily Dose - Still Waiting for the Chrome Web Store

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Whatever happened to that October release planned for the Chrome web app store?  It hit a snag apparently, but now there are signs that Google may have it ready in time for a December release, just ahead of Chrome OS.  TechCrunch made the observation that there's been a rise in recent activity on the Chromium Issues list related to items for the Chrome Web Store.

Electric Cloud Comes to VS 2010
New add-ins have been released for Visual Studio 2010 that allow Electric Cloud's ElectricAccelerator and ElectricCommander to run within the Microsoft IDE.  These tools bring Electric Cloud's high-octane build-test-deploy software to .NET developers who have modernized their development infrastructure with VS 2010.  Users of Electric Cloud have found that the software can bring a 8-10x increase in the overall production speed because of automation and special build technology that only rebuilds sections of the software that have been changed.

RabbitMQ Hops on to Version 2.2
After being acquired this year by SpringSource, RabbitMQ has gotten some steroid shots recently, speeding up this little bunny's progress.  Spring just released another new version of RabbitMQ - version 2.2.  This version features automatic upgrading for per-queue message TTLs and non-clustered brokers.  There are also new memory usage restrictions for pending acknowledgements.  2.2 is the first version that can store passwords as hashes.  Improvements have been made in message routing performance and several fixes have been made for multiple memory leaks.

Team City 6 CI Software Debuts
JetBrains released the new version of their continuous integration suite, TeamCity.  The new release adds support for Gradle, Maven 3,  and has better .NET code coverage analysis.  Other major changes include better support for building Ruby/Rails projects, prioritization in the build queue, and build steps for multiple build runner sequences.

140 Google Interview Questions
What questions does Google ask it's potential hires?  Find out here.

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