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DZone Daily Dose - 12/24

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DZone Daily Dose - 12/24

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Grails Still Holy   
The Groovy/Grails developers at SpringSource can finally go home and enjoy the holidays because Groovy 1.7 and, more recently, Grails 1.2 have been released in their final versions.  The Grails 1.2 web app framework contains a new DSL, built on Apache Ivy, for configuring JAR dependencies that can be resolved against Maven repositories.  GSP and Sitemesh improvements have boosted throughput by 2 to 3x.  The BootStrap.groovy class also got environment support in Grails 1.2.  Containers like Tomcat and Jetty are supported too.

Cyber Czar or Cyber Peasant?
After talking about it for months, President Barack Obama has finally chosen national cyber security coordinator.  Howard A. Schmidt, a longtime computer security executive who worked at Microsoft, eBay, and the Bush whitehouse, has been charged with protecting U.S. government computer systems from constant assault.  Schmidt's position could become a lightning rod for criticisms if another major attack on government systems, like the ones that breached a fighter jet program and the electrical grid, is successful.  Some critics that Schmidt will be mired in bureaucracy since he reports to the National Security Council and not the President, which is why he's not a 'czar'.

Apple To Unveil 'Larger Mobile Device' (Probably the Tablet)
In January, Apple says it's going to demo a larger mobile device with a high resolution display.  Mobile news sources think this is the Apple Tablet, which has been talked about for months but remains a rumor, since Apple hasn't even confirmed its existence.  However, there have been a bunch of leaks about this "large mobile device" and some people think that Apple is purposely allowing the leaks as a form of viral advertising.  

Windows 8 Will Come with New Branding
Microsoft is already planning to throw its weight into building Windows 8 starting in July 2010.  To compete with Google and Apple, Microsoft says it will focus on "the Windows brand experience".  In particular, they will focus on Windows 7 and 8, Windows Live, and Windows phone, and Windows Azure.  However, PC users are probably that enhancements for Windows won't all be branding related.

Top Link
The Groovy 1.7 release announcement remains at the top of DZone's current links.  With 120 up votes, it's become the third most popular DZone link of all time.  That's a lot of up votes for a simple announcement.  One comment on the link says, "whats the big deal? "  Apparently, there's  a lot of love for Groovy on DZone.

Happy Holidays from DZone!



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