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DZone Daily Dose - 12/28

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DZone Daily Dose - 12/28

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Will Apple Unveil the iSlate?  
The Apple Tablet rumors continue to circulate as the demo for Apple's large mobile device draws closer.  MacRumors.com recently injected a new theory into the mix by discovering "islate.com", a domain purchased by Apple in 2007.  Could iSlate be the official name of the rumored Apple Tablet?  Either it's meant to prevent anyone from using the "i" prefix with "slate", it's Apple's take on Slate.com, it's a different project, or it's the true name of the Apple Tablet.

Oracle Caught With its Hand in the GUI Cookie Jar
MB Technologies is suing Oracle for allegedly using its Bindows toolkit, which creates Windows-like UI's for web apps.  Bindows was licensed for use in Hyperion products in 2004, but Oracle acquired Hyperion in 2007 with the promise to only use Bindows in Hyperion products.  Oracle later wanted to use Bindows in its Fusion products, but didn't want to pay MB extra for that.  MB recently found out that Oracle was using Bindows in Oracle Fusion products.  Oracle admitted it was using Bindows and wanted to work out a deal with MB.  The two companies could not agree on a price for the use of Bindows in Fusion so MB is now asking for a variety of damages.

Closing in on Linux Kernel 2.6.33
The second release candidate for the Linux Kernel 2.6.33 was recently made available, signaling that the final release is very close.  The new Kernel implements the Nouveau DRM driver, for Nvidia graphics cards, and other graphical improvements.  Canonical is planning to backport Nouveau into the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS kernel to provide support for the Lucid Lynx.  You can use the Phoromatic Tracker's kernel tracker to see how the Linux 2.6.33 kernel evolves on a daily basis.

Sparse Trust for Microsoft's Moonlight Promises

There's been some open source controversy surrounding the Moonlight software, which is a Linux implementation of Silverlight primarily developed by Novell.  Moonlight uses some technologies patented by Microsoft, but the company recently released a new statement saying that it will not press charges against users who employ a patented technology in Moonlight 3 and 4.  The new 'covenant' is intended to assuage the legal fears of Linux distributors, other than Novell.  However, a legal expert from Red Hat's Fedora project said that they will continue to leave Moonlight out.  Apparently, the new covenant doesn't protect Linux distributors any more than the previous promise.  Novell recently striped the open source code from MonoDevelop and plans to apply the stricter LGPLv2 and MIT X11 licenses to Moonlight.

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