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Daily Dose - YouTube and Vimeo Foster HTML5 Escalation

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Daily Dose - YouTube and Vimeo Foster HTML5 Escalation

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YouTube and Vimeo Foster HTML5 Escalation
Just days after YouTube began its HTML5 experiment, Vimeo has responded with the same option.  Both websites now offer an HTML5 mode that utilizes the <video> and <audio> tags that are part of the spec.  Firefox and Opera users, unfortunately, are not invited to this party.  The two websites only use the H.264 format with HTML5.  Firefox and Opera only run HTML5 with the OGG format.  If the HTML5 players on YouTube and Vimeo influence the HTML5 working group, they might choose H.264 as the only standard for the <video> tag, which would be bad news for Mozilla and Opera.

WordPress Officially a Non-Profit

Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress founder and lead developer, announced the start of the WordPress Foundation.  The foundation is now legally a US tax-exempt, non-profit organization with a legally registered charity status.  WordPress said that the Free Software Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation were its inspirations.  

The Inevitable Parrot
Version 2.0 of the Parrot virtual machine has been released by the Perl 6 developers.  Codenamed "Inevitable", Parrot 2.0 runs the Rakudo implementation of Perl 6.  In contrast to Perl 5, Parrot separates compiler and runtime, and supports dynamic languages.  The Context and CallSignature PMC's have been merged into CallContext for Parrot 2.0.  Context PMCs now support attribute-based introspection.  There are also new depreciations and improved GC accuracy in Parrot 2.0.  The next release is scheduled for mid-February.

Intel Money Helps AMD
Thanks to a $1.25 billion settlement from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices posted a profit in Q4 2009 for the first time in many years.  Last year, AMD lost $2.36 a share, but in Q4 of '09 their stock gained $1.52 per share.  Without the Intel settlement money, AMD would have lost 8 cents per share.  AMD's good fortune still doesn't compare to Intel's earth-shattering 875% profit from last quarter.

So long, old friend...
James Gostling's blog post saying goodbye to Sun got the most traffic in the last 24 hours.  The 3-d graphic with the Duke and Sun's tombstone got a lot of wistful responses.

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