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Daily Dose - VirtualBox Update from Oracle

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Daily Dose - VirtualBox Update from Oracle

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The Oracle VM VirtualBox has reached version 3.2.12.  The virtualization app for x86 hardware just received about 20 bugfixes fixing stability issues, 64-bit guest crashes on 32-bit hosts, and some out of memory issues.  There are also some GUI updates and guest/host fixes for systems running the 2.6.37 Linux kernel.

Microsoft Backs IBM Lawsuit Target - TurboHercules
You may remember that back in March, the open source project called TurboHercules got a threatening letter from IBM about how big blue was going to sue their pants off for building an open source IBM mainframe emulator that is now several years old.  Well, today we found out that Microsoft is now investing in that same open source project, perhaps in an effort to make its own bid for IBM mainframe customers.

GAE 1.4 All Done

Google is bringing out the big features for its holiday release of Google App Engine.  Version 1.4 implements a new Channel API for bi-directional push notifications, new 'always on' instances that mitigate the impact of loading requests on apps with small or variable traffic, and warm up requests which anticipate the need for more instances.  Google has also increased the API call size limits and taken away the 30-second limit for background work.

Symbian Shuts its Development Doors Dec. 17
For Symbian, the writing has been on the wall for some time with the smartphone competition heating up between tech titans - Google and Apple.  Symbian recently announced that it would transition from a development NPO to a legal entity that deals with software licensing.  Now they are announcing that their source repositories and web infrastructure will shut down on December 17th.  However, Symbian says it will preserve some of their content on DVDs and USBs.

Who's driving this thing? Who Owns Hudson?

There's been a lot of discussion on the new mailing lists as of late regarding some of the infrastructure and ownership of the Hudson project.  This post will catch you up.

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