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DZone Daily Dose - 12/30

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No Firefox 3.6 This Year
The Mozilla Wiki just changed the ship date for Firefox 3.6 to Q1 2010.  This new schedule will push back Firefox 4 to late 2010 or early 2011.  Firefox 3.6 will include Personas, which are lightweight themes, and support the asynchronous running of JavaScript.  It will also feature WOFF font format support and new DOM, CSS, and HTML5 capabilities.  Firefox 4 will be the first to include Mozilla's Electrolysis and Weave projects as standard.

iWork in the Cloud?
A job posting on CrunchBoard that might indicate that Apple is looking to upgrade iWork and launch it into the cloud.  The posting seeks an engineer for "building a scalable rich internet application."  It seems like Apple could be putting together a whole new team for iWork since the posting is looking for experience with "work processing projects."  iWork in the cloud could be a smart move in order for Apple to compete with other cloud-apps like Google's apps.

The Mob Cries Out Against Google's AdMob Deal
The Federal Trade Commission recently reviewed Google's $750 million acquisition of AdMob, a mobile ad network.  Consumer watchdog groups have lobbied for the FTC to block the deal.  AdMob is a leading advertiser in the mobile space so anti-trust is an issue.  However, there are many other competitors in the mobile ad space, including Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL.  Consumer groups also have privacy concerns since both companies have large amounts of consumer data.  

Kindle Gets Hacked
A Python script for Kindle on the PC was recently used to remove the protections on Amazon's ebooks.  The conversion script for bypassing the digital rights on Kindle has been on the internet for over a year, but removing Amazon's copy protection was the real trick.  Another article reveals how the international version of Kindle can be hacked.  Once this happens, users can enable web browsing and get access to Amazon's full catalog.

Top Link
There are 35 open source Goolge projects that you might not know about.  Check out DZone's top link of the day to see what you're missing.


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