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Daily Dose - Parallel Web App Deployments in Tomcat 7.0.5 Beta

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Daily Dose - Parallel Web App Deployments in Tomcat 7.0.5 Beta

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Apache committers have announced the first beta for the next iteration of Tomcat, version 7.0.5.  As always, the memory leak reductions continue and developers will also get to see a new welcome page.  A big new feature is added support for parallel deployments for multiple versions of a single web app.  See the full changelog for more details.

Free Basic Monitoring Now For Amazon EC2 Instances
For people who wanted basic monitoring on their Amazon cloud instances but couldn't afford to pay for it, you're in luck today.  Amazon just announced that anyone buying EC2 instances will get free basic monitoring metric from Amazon CloudWatch.  No need to sign up or anything, it's already there on the management console as of this week.  The basic monitoring includes CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, and network traffic.

Op4j Moves Up to 1.1
The op4j project finished version 1.1 this week.  Called the "developer happiness tool" by its creators, op4j is a powerful implementation of Martin Fowler's Fluent Interface concept.  It's essentially a Java library that helps you polish the quality and readability of Java code with specific emphasis on auxiliary code such as structure iteration, filtering, mapping, data conversion, and more.  op4j is also a large repository for hundreds of functions with over one thousand different parameterizations.  Version 1.1 has upgraded to javaRuntype 1.2 and it has removed the reduce and unfold method references.  Plenty of other changes can be found in the changelog.

A Natty Narwhal is Born
Canonical just announced the first alpha release of Ubuntu 11.04, aka.  "Natty Narwhal."  The Alpha 1 is based on the the 2.6.37-rc3 Linux kernel and now includes the Unity desktop, replacing GNOME shell.  You can expect a fully grown Natty Narwhal in late April next year.

Framework fatigue: How many frameworks do I need to know?
An article about management/recruiters looking for "x years experience in framework y" and assuming that a good candidate can't learn.  Thanks to Chris Hardin for the link!

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