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Daily Dose - JDK 7, 8, Project Coin, and Lambda Pass With Much Reservation; Tom Peierls Resigns

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Daily Dose - JDK 7, 8, Project Coin, and Lambda Pass With Much Reservation; Tom Peierls Resigns

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The four JSRs behind Java 7 and Java 8 were recently approved by the Executive Committee.  However, there was a good deal of discontent among members who voted for and against the JSRs.  Apache kept its promise to vote against all of Oracle's proposed JSRs, while Google voted against JDK 7 and 8.  Tim Peierls also voted against the JDKs and abstained on the other two.  Many other organizations, including IBM, Eclipse, RedHat, VMWare, and Credit Suisse disapproved of Oracle's licensing terms but were perfectly fine with the technical merits of the specs.

Tim Peierls just posted a blog telling us that he's resigned from the EC.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.1 Gets Smarter with CEP
Red Hat's newly released 5.1 version JBoss Enterprise  BRMS (Business Rules Management System) features a stack of easily usable and highly efficient rules development tools.  5.1 features a technology preview of the complex event processing (CEP) capabilities and optimized performance with new algorithms.  It also adds support for technologies like Drools 5.1, JCR 2.0, Modeshape, EAP, EWP, EWS, and SOAP 5.1.

Chrome Web Store Unleashed!
Google announced the general availability of the Chrome Web Store in a presentation that also included a full demo of Chrome OS and the unveiling of a widespread pilot program.  If you haven't heard about the Chrome Web Store yet, it's basically a centralized hub to search for a variety of web apps on the desktop—much like a mobile app store.  The two items of news relating to the Chrome OS were the new pilot program where businesses, developers, educators, and individuals can get a laptop running Chrome OS to test; and the new release schedule.  Netbooks from Acer and Samsung should be shipping midway through 2011, with other OEMs following.

VirtualBox 4.0 Beta Preview
A major iteration of Oracle's open source VirtualBox software is ready for beta testing.  4.0 supports the Open Virtualization Format Archive (OVA), can copy files into a guest filesystem, has a revamped interface, and a disk file layout for VM portability.  There is also support for asynchronous I/O for iSCSI, VMDK, VHD and Parallels images.  Resizing of VDI and VHD images is available as well.  VirtualBox 4.0 will come with support for more than 1.5/2GB guest RAM on 32-bit hosts.

How to create good looking stuff in Java Swing
Learn some new techniques for making slick applications in Swing.

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