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Daily Dose - Salesforce Snatches Heroku for $212 million

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Daily Dose - Salesforce Snatches Heroku for $212 million

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The Ruby-based PaaS Heroku is going to be acquired by cloud pioneer Salesforce for $212 million in cash.  Compare that to the $13 million they raised in funding since their founding in 2007.  Byron Sebastian, Heroku's CEO, says that the acquisition will take Heroku to "The Next Level."  Heroku should also take Salesforce to a new level because they have now secured an execution environment for Ruby, Python, and PHP without having to build their own.  They've already got Java and .NET well-covered.

Virtualized Android Phones With Dual Operating Systems
VMware has announced that they're now working with LG to produce Android phones that will have the ability to run multiple operating systems through virtualization.  To the user it will simply feel like two spaces or two phones.  This feature could be used to separate business and personal use, for example.  These separate OSes would also better facilitate multiple email account management and it would mean having two different phone numbers.

Python 3.2 Hits Beta
The first beta of Python 3.2 was released this week.  The new version includes increased performance, bugfixes, and new pdb commands.  To prevent denial of service attacks, data and command size limits have been added to smtpd.py.  The final release of Python 3.2 is expected on February 5, 2011.

Jolicloud  1.1 Brings Faster Booting
Based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Jolicloud, a netbook OS with cloud backup and built-in social networking support, has reached 1.1 this week.  The new version features a faster boot time, support for HD video, support for Flash on supported hardware, and battery life improvements.  It's interesting to see Jolicloud providing the web-focused, HTML5-powered experience in an operating system while Google and others are still working hard on their own answers to this trend (e.g. Chrome OS).

25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds
What makes people press the back button, shortly after visiting your website? Why do they bail out so quickly? And what can you do about it?

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