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Daily Dose - Quest for the One True iPad

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Daily Dose - Quest for the One True iPad

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Quest for the One True iPad  
Following the announcement of the iPad by Apple, Fujitsu's PR director Masahiro Yamane told the NY Times: "It's our understanding that the name is ours."  Apparently, the Fujitsu iPad has been around since 2002.  Fujitsu's iPad is a mobile device with a touchscreen display, but it is part of the company's point-of-sale retail offerings.  Magtek also claimed that it makes the one true iPad, which is an encrypted credit-card swiper.  Seimens also uses the name iPad in relation to its engines.  There's even a Canadian company that sells an iPad bra for bust-enhancement.  Apple has until the end of February to formally contest Fujitsu's claim to the name "iPad".

It's Bug Hunting Season for Chrome
The Chrome team recently announced that it will be giving out significant cash rewards to developers who find vulnerabilities in its browser.  Similar to Mozilla's 2004 Security Bug Bounty Program, Google will award $500 for each bug found and for the really big bugs, the committee might offer as much as $1,337.  This will not apply to bugs found in third-party extensions.  It seems that after the Chinese cyberattacks, Google is taking security seriously.

Street View Gets Google in Trouble   
It's amazing what people are caught doing on Google Street View, but the Street View car might have overstepped its bounds when it allegedly went down a private road.  Aaron and Christine Boring (yes, that's really their last name) are suing Google for posting pictures of their house and swimming pool on Street View.  A federal appeals court upheld a lower court's decision to toss most of the claims, but it did not toss the trespassing charges since the Borings alleged that Google entered their property without permission.  They say that Google went down a road clearly marked "Private Road, no trespassing" to take pictures.  The pictures have since been removed.

Get Your Weave On
The 1.0 release of Mozilla's Weave arrived yesterday.  Weave is a nifty little add-on that allows Firefox to encrypt and store bookmarks, passwords, preferences, forms, history, and even the tabs you had open last.  You can sync this information and then access that browser state on any other PC or mobile device running Firefox.  The data is password-protected and encrypted with a secret phrase entered by the user.  Go get it!

A New Dawn For Java
After all the skepticism leading up to the Oracle acquisition of Sun, developers seem to be warming up to the idea of Oracle taking the reigns for Java.  There's optimism in the air.

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