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Rackspace Gets MySQL DaaS
FathomDB, a MySQL-based Database-as-a-Service (DaaS), announced recently that it would be teaming up with the Rackspace Cloud.  The DaaS startup now uses Rackspace's standards-based API to add it's time-saving features to the Rackspace toolset.  FathomDB, a forerunner in the DaaS industry, offers a UI and analytics engine to support relational databases in the cloud.  It currently supports Amazon EC2 and S3.  The Rackspace Cloud service will provide easy point-and-click configuration with run automated backups, routine maintainence, and performance analytics.  Developers can run databases starting at two cents per hour on Fathom DB and the Rackspace Cloud.  The highest price bracket is $1.20 per hour for a 16GB server with 640GB of disk space.

Gladinet's Cloud Desktop Ready for Azure
The newly available Gladinet Cloud Desktop 1.4.2 adds support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  Cloud Desktop gives businesses a unified interface for various cloud storage providers.  Gladinet's desktop already supports a bunch of cloud providers including Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic Storage, EMC Atmos, Google Docs, and more.  The product gives users an internet-based virtual disk drive, and for Azure, the platform upgrades Windows Explorer into a cloud storage portal where users can map each service as a network drive for direct access from Explorer.  The Cloud Desktop is especially useful for cross-storage backup between multiple cloud storage providers.  This way, businesses don't need to rely on just one.

Palm WebOS Reaches 1,000 Apps
The WebOS School says that Palm's WebOS now has over 1,000 applications - 70% for pay.  Although Palm is behind Android and the iPhone's numbers (over 16k and 100k respectively), the company recently loosened its app approval process, which means apps should be getting added a quicker pace.  Of course, quantity is no substitute for quality.

Chrome Kicks Safari to the Curb
The world's third most popular browser is no longer Safari.  Chrome took command of 4.63% of internet users at the end of 2009, while Safari finished with 4.46%.  There are two factors that might have caused the Google browser's 0.7% leap in December (largest gain since the browser's launch).  First, the availability of Chrome for Mac OS X has squeezed Safari out for some users.  Second, the ramping up of advertising (the "instant gratification" ads) could have spiked interest for Chrome.  The biggest move in December was Internet Explorer - downward.  IE lost nearly 1% of its share, but it is managing to convince users to move from IE6 to IE8.  Version 8 finally replaced IE6 as the most-used browser.  Looks like the "Die IE6, Die!" campaign is starting to pay off.

Some bloggers think so.  DZone's top link in 24 hours is a response to Kent Spillner's anti-Maven post.  It's just one more shot in the blog war over which is better - Ant or Maven?

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