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DZone Daily Dose - 1/6

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Superphone Fights for Good-gle! 
Without the aid of cosmic rays or radioactive spiders, Google says it has released the first phone in a whole new class of devices - "superphones".  Google invented this new category for the Nexus One phone, which was unmasked at a press conference on Tuesday.  It can't leap tall buildings in a single bound (YET!), but some might say it's faster than a speeding bullet.  Nexus One's hardware gives it more 3-D capabilities and speeds that rival the Droid and the iPhone.  With Android 2.1 for its OS, Nexus One is 0.1 better than Droid's Android 2.0 OS.  However, the superphone's Kryptonite might be the fact that it's incompatible with the AT&T and Rogers frequency bands for 3G data, or that it's incompatible with CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint.  We don't know if Nexus One will fight for Net-neutrality and fight against carrier lock-in, but it would be "super" if it did.  All of the pricing is exactly as the leaks reported

Gartner Buys Burton Group
The IT research firm and home of the Magic Quadrant, Gartner, just announced that it acquired Burton Group before the end of 2009.  The price tag was $56 million.  Burton Group has 41 analysts that will be joining
Gartner, adding practical, how-to research to Gartner's CIO level strategic research.

Opera has a New Conductor
The Norwegian browser company, Opera, recently demoted their CEO and promoted Lars Boilesen.  The new CEO is making his return to Opera after leaving his position as VP of sales and marketing in 2005.  The now former CEO Jon on Tetzchner will still work at Opera in a strategy role. 

VMware Funnels Zimbra Into its Cloud
After being acquired by Yahoo in 2007, Zimbra, an email and collaboration suite, is now being re-acquired by VMware.  Zimbra is marketed as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange.  It can be used locally and as a hosted service.  The acquisition of Zimbra may be another part of VMware's plan to diversify its cloud offerings.  Infrastructure offerings aren't enough to differentiate a cloud provider these days.

Java Content Repository: The Best Of Both Worlds
Interested in a short intro to the Java Content Repository (JCR)?  So are a lot of people.  It's the top link on DZone in 24 hours.  The article will explain just enough to get you started.

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