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Microsoft IE Gives in to Peer Pressure with SVG  
Senior IE program manager Patrick Dengler recently said in his blog that Microsoft applied to join the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics working group.  SVG is a part of the HTML5 spec, which is already supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.  This could be good news for web developers who've had to put up with IE's lack of support for valuable HTML5 standards.  Commenters on Dengler's blog say they hope SVG support will be available in IE 9.  

Extensions are Coming Down the Dev Channel for Mac's Chrome
Google Chrome for Mac is catching up to the PC version, at least for a few people.  The developer channel version of Chrome for Mac finally got extensions.  If you're not a developer, that doesn't mean you have to wait to use this invaluable feature.  Anyone can use the Dev Channel and with practially zero-effort, you can help make Chrome better simply by using it.  You get the Dev Channel Chrome for Mac here.

X-Ray Vision - There's an App for That.
A few months ago, a video of a fake iPhone app that could see through peoples' clothes was posted online and people thought it was so funny that they wanted to see a real app.  This week, the viral marketing campaign payed off when Nude It was released in the App Store.  The program uses augmented reality tech to put an approximate body (wearing only their undies) under the face of the person on camera.  I can see the harassment suits now.

Seagate Unveils USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive
The BlackArmor PS110 external hard drive from Seagate was recently unveiled at an electronics show in Las Vegas.  The hard drive features emerging USB 3.0 technology.  USB 3 has about a 10x advantage over USB 2 in theoretical performance.  Seagate says their real world testing of BlackArmor achieves about three times better performance than USB 2.  A 25 GB HD movie can be transferred in just four minutes, Seagate says.  USB 3 is expected to gain more traction in storage device products as media files increase in size with higher resolution and bit rates.

I Use Dead Programming Languages (Java)
Dustin Marx says that if Java is dead, then so are all the other programming languages we're using right now.  He says that all languages have their issues, and the criticisms aimed at Java could easily be aimed at any language.

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