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Daily Dose - Where's the SDK, Google?

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Daily Dose - Where's the SDK, Google?

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Windows 7 Slate PC's Unveiled Before Apple's Tablet   
While Apple keeps their 'Tablet' under lock and key until late January, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touted three new tablet computers at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.  The tablets were manufactured by HP, Archos, and Pegatron.  There's no word yet on the pricing or specs of these machines, but there are pics

ASP.Net 4 to Improve Your Site's Search Relevancy
Scott Guthrie, a VP of the developer division at Microsoft, blogged about new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities coming in the ASP.Net 4 platform.  The platform will feature Page MetaKeywords and Page MetaDescription properties, along with URL routing support.  A free SEO toolkit will also be available to analyze searchability.  Think Microsoft could find a way to promote Bing with this capability?

Where's the SDK, Google?
Android developers are getting frustrated over the secrecy and hoarding that's going on over at Google.  Developers were surprised to hear that Nexus One, which was revealed on Tuesday, already had a new Android operating system, Android 2.1.  Android App developers are understandably indignant about the fact that Google engineers got the Nexus One by mid-December, but they had no chance to see if there apps would break on it or not.  A Google engineer replied to some of the comments saying that Android 2.1 only has minor changes and won't cause many problems for apps built on Android 2.0.1.  Some developers, however, are not convinced.

Appliances Gain Traction with WebSphere CloudBurst 1.1
IBM released the first version of CloudBurst, an enterprise appliance for WebSphere, last summer.  The recent release of CloudBurst 1.1 adds support for VMware ESX hypervisors, vCenter integration, and new virtual images.  The new release also lets users share custom images among other appliances.  CloudBurst 1.1 makes it simpler to update applications in the cloud as well.

Good Java Developers Deserve Better Salaries
Are you a talented Java developer who is crucial to your employer?  Maybe it's time to ask for a raise.  Read more on this subject by checking out DZone's top link in 24 hours.  Maybe you should get an agent too.

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