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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/22

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/22

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According to Amazon, the world's biggest software company has also racked up the largest number of pre-orders of any product, EVER! That's right, Amazon says Microsoft's Windows 7 release is the most pre-ordered product in the e-tailer's history (yes, including the last Harry Potter book!). Looks like Redmond hasn't lost its touch.

Speaking of Windows 7, Adobe platform developers will be happy to know that AIR 1.5.2 is fully compatible with Redmond's new flagship OS. If every vendor was so prompt to confirm compatibility, it would be a lot less scary to update to Windows 7.

You gotta wonder whether 3000 more layoffs at beleaguered Sun Microsystems will even register to anyone except the unfortunates about to lose their jobs. We don't expect this to have much short-term impact on Java, although we worry about longer-term consequences.

Is the new Barnes&Noble "Nook" an opportunity for Android developers? The $259 Android-based device is expected to become widely available within the next few weeks, but it remains to be seen whether B&N will be wise enough to open it up as a platform for developers.

From the "if you can't beat'em, then sue'em" department, Nokia has apparently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple for the iPhone. Despite their massive global market share, Nokia has been slow to emerge with technology to rival the iPhone. Is this lawsuit just a lame attempt to slow Apple's momentum?

Microsoft has released beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 and is aiming to release in March of next year. New features include convergence of ASP.NET and VS2010 tools, improved WPF text rendering, and templates for Azure and SharePoint.

In other beta news, PHP gurus, Zend Technologies, have released a public beta of Zend Server 5.0, their web app server for PHP. The company claims a new code tracing feature will reduce bug resolution time by up to 50%.

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