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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/23

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/23

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Firefox may release its upcoming version 3.6 as a so-called "minor update" even though it is actually a fairly major one.  Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox at Mozilla, details the reasons for this unusual step on a Mozilla developer's list thread, but the short version is that it will accelerate the deployment of important security upgrades.  Unfortunately, Windows 7 bugs have delayed the 3.6 beta release and Silverlight also has to be fixed on the new beta.

A critical .NET security vulnerability has breezed through Internet Explorer and is now plaguing Firefox. Fortunately, the culprit, a .NET add-on, has been black-listed by Mozilla. Users are left wondering, "is Mozilla going to disable Flash next time they have a security issue?"

Microsoft, in its quest to rival Google's search engine, will now include Facebook and Twitter statuses in its Bing search categories.  Google responded by including Twitter statuses also, but not Facebook statuses.  This means you can see who's recently tweeted about "sausages" or "Balloon Boy".

At last, the kernel source code is available for HTC's Hero Android-powered smartphone, the first Android device to support Flash.  The download is approximately 50 MB and is available from the HTC Developer Center portal.  Gentlemen, start your engines!

Nearly a quarter of internet users are still living in the dark ages.  A recent poll of the browser version market share shows that 24.42% still use Internet Explorer 6.  Although 36% use versions 7 and 8, IE 6 is still the most used browser in the world.  While many masochists still fumble around with old versions of IE, most Firefox users have upgraded to version 3.5.

Psystar, the financially challenged Mac clone vendor presently being sued by Apple, has obviously not read their copy of "How To Win Friends and Influence People at Apple." The upstart has announced a new $90 software-only product called "Rebel EFI" which reportedly allows any generic PC to run Apple's Mac OS X. Their website is down right now, so we haven't got all the details, but we're interested to see how this pans out (in court!) If Rebel EFI makes Mac OS X run insanely great on standard PCs, then we predict it will be insanely popular.

Finally, if you missed 's writeup on the new release of VisualVM, then you may want to have a look. It was easily the most popular link on DZone today with 35 votes and several thoughtful replies. Kudos, Jiri! 

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