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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/26

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/26

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Mozilla recently announced its latest project, "Raindrop", an application intended to bring all of your online messages to one portal.  That includes Email, tweets, RSS, and social network updates all in one place.  Raindrop will be open source  and based on Bespin.  The only question is, will people actually use it?  Same goes for you Google Wave.

Mojarra 2.0.1, a reference implementation of JavaServer Faces, has now shipped.  This newest version fixes a serious bug when running on Tomcat.  If you've got the 2.0.0 version though, you probably don't need to upgrade.  The download is available here.

It has officially been done, Drupal has reached WhiteHouse.gov. This resulted from Obama's media team, led by director Macon Phillips, concluding the need for easily making changes to the site. Rumor has it that the main goal of this is for a more interactive goverment, consisting of videos, Q&A's, and more. I wonder how much it's costing taxpayers to get the White House on free, open-source software?

The ZFS project for Mac OS has shut down.  Suspicions about the project's eventual demise started when ZFS was not included in Snow Leopard.  The reason for the shut down has not yet been confirmed, but many signs point to a lawsuit by NetApp brought against Sun. 

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