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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/27

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/27

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The newly unveiled Flash Builder for Force.com, Salesforce.com's developer platform, is now available for developer preview.  Adobe and Salesforce.com representatives say Adobe's Flash technology will allow Force.com apps to have richer, more creative UIs.  See all the details of this announcement here.

Bill Keller of the New York Times may have let slip a confirmation of the widely rumored Apple tablet (now called the "Apple Slate".) In a speech at Harvard University, Keller let on that the NYTimes is working on content for the unannounced device.  In other Apple rumors, a quad-core MacBook Pro may be forthcoming.

The Low-Level Virtual Machine project just announced version 2.6, available for download here.  You may remember that the LLVM recently got some buzz for being the key feature that allowed Flash CS5 to make Flash apps for the iPhone.  The central feature in version 2.6 is CLANG, the LLVM compiler that, according to the developers, compiles Objective-C better, stronger, faster than GCC, a competitor.

A serious bug from the last version of Python has been fixed in the newest release, version 2.6.4.  The developers of Python 2.6 have said there'll be no new features until they get the bugs under control.  They call it "bugfix-only mode".

Canonical is cutting you Linux-lovers off.  They have announced that they will soon put a limit on the free Ubuntu CDs you can order.  Now that Ubuntu has grown in popularity, Canonical has decided to stop giving out free CDs for each new version.  Most people will be able to order one, maybe two copies of Ubuntu before they have to get online upgrades.  For some, the paltry price of about eight dollars is worth it for extra Ubuntu CDs.

Wow, Daniel Alexiuc's posting entitled "Dependency Injection Makes Your Code Worse" may have set a new DZone record for down votes!  The obviously provocative piece garnered 58 down votes in 24 hours, but it captured only 16 up votes. With nearly 5,000 reads and loads of comments, this article clearly touched a sensitive spot with the audience. You may not want to miss it.

Finally, for the top link on DZone in the last 24 hours, Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" is almost here.  The feature article takes you from installation to shutdown with a copious amount of screenshots to guide you and entice you.  As if there wasn't enough unbearable anticipation already.  If you plan on getting Ubuntu 9.1, plan on reading this post.

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