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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/28

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/28

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Amazon says it will cut prices on its core EC2 cloud services starting November 1st.  You can tell they are getting anxious about the impending release of Windows Azure, which will also happen in November.  Amazon also announced the beta offering of its MySQL hosted Relational Database Service to compete with Azure's SQL database hosting and third-parties on EC2.  

Mozilla's SeaMonkey 2.0 is now available.  The "all-in-one internet application" with the weird name has tons of features including HTML editing support, IRC chat and web development tools, and email and newsgroup support.  It also has a lot of new updates that Firefox 3.5 has, like tags for HTML 5.  You can download this hodgepodge app suite here.

A recently announced, and yet to be named tool from IBM may allow developers to design better web sites for the mobile.  You can see a demonstration of this visual editing tool on YouTube.  IBM is hoping this tool can allow Web masters make better page layouts along with web pages for voice browsers.  More information is available here.

Qualcomm has formed a subsidiary to develop open source mobile technologies.  The Qualcomm Innovation Center, or " QuIC", will develop for Symbian, Android, and Chrome as well as open source initiatives like Linux and Webkit.  

The Griffon 0.2 release link shot up to number one today, proving that people really love anything that resembles Grails.  Here's the full list of features.  The download is available here.

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