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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/14

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If Oracle were to sell MySQL to a third-party, who would it be?  Many thought Red Hat was the obvious choice with thier JBoss open source division.  Reporters have been asking Florian Mueller for his prediction for quite a while now and he finally answered: Novell.  However, Novell was introduced to open source by a loan from IBM, and it seems Oracle is unlikely to spin off MySQL to a friend of IBM.

ARIN is now pleading with the Internet community to switch to IPv6.  They are saying less than 15% of IPv4 address space is remaining.  ARIN says IPv6 is more than ready for migrations and sees problems in the future for Internet community members who do not switch soon.

Got a quality plugin for WordPress?  There's a a store for that.  The recently opened WordPress plugin store hopes to become the App Store of blogging.  Developers can sell WordPress plugins as-is or by subscription.  WordPress only takes a 10% cut of each plugin sale.  You can sign up for a developer account here.

Dell now confirms that it's planning to release the previously rumored, Android-based smartphone, Mini 3i.  The Mini 3i will feature will be launching this year in Brazil and China with 2G and 3G models.  It will be the first Dell phone to feature the Android OS.

"Introducing Scalar - Scala-based DSL for Cloud Computing"
is the top link in 24 hours.  It introduces "Scalar", a new addition to the GridGain 3.0 release.  Scalar is a Scala-based cloud computing DSL.

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