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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/2

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Sun's stock price has fallen to 16% less than Oracle's offer price for the company.  It appears that more investors are concerned that the Sun acquisition could be blocked by the European Commission.  Oracle recently withdrew notification of the acquisition from Russia's antitrust authority to wait for the EU ruling.  Now that Oracle has drawn a line in the sand, saying it will keep MySQL as part of the deal, the Sun acquisition could remain in a stalemate until the January 19th deadline.

Altova's new MissionKit 2010 has WSDL 2.0 support for its integrated suite of UML, XML, and database tools.  MissionKit 2010's XML Spy can now generate and edit JSON and convert it to XML.  The software also has expanded database schema conversions and more UML tools.  Trial downloads available here.

Aldon, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) company, has released Aldon Report Manager.  Report Manager is a web-based tool for tracking software development data, creating project management reports, and assisting with audit compliance.  There are options for running both pre-packaged templates on a task, or creating custom queries.  A thirty-day trial is available here.

Measure the status of your development team's agile adoption with a new 20-question diagnostic from ThoughtWorks Studios.  The online agile assessment rates your team's management and engineering practices on a three-point scale.  Practices such as business responsiveness and build management are rated as regressive, ad hoc, or agile.  The final assessment gives you analysis and suggestions for improvement.

The top link this weekend at DZone was a review of the best open source ESB projects on the market.  "Top Open Source ESB Projects" provides a comparative overview of leading open source ESBs and has sparked some interesting discussions in the comment section.  Tijs Rademakers, the author of Open Source ESBs in Action, also joined the discussion with some key insights from his own experiences.  Join the debate now on who has the best open source ESB.

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