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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/20

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/20

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A few more details about the closures announcement for Java 7 surfaced today.  According to Stephen Colebourne's blog, Mark Reinhold said that JDK 7 closures won't have control-invocation statements as a goal and it won't include non-local returns.  Reinhold also indicated that access to non-final variables was unlikely. Colebourne got the sense that there hadn't been much consideration of semantics yet.  Reinier Zwitserloot, who was also present at Devoxx, explained that although Reinhold wrote an FCM-like strawman syntax on a plane ride to the conference, Reinhold did not neccessarily endorse the FCM proposal for Java closures.  After the conference, Neal Gafter, a co-author of the BGGA closure proposal, wrote a simple specification for closures in Java.  The JDK 7 schedule has been extended to September 2010.

A congressional testimony recently revealed that Windows 7 got security assistance from the NSA.  It's not the first time NSA security enhancements have been used on Windows.  Windows XP and Vista were also hardened against attacks.  The NSA also said it is providing assistance to Apple, Sun Microsystems, and Red Hat.

Google just released the source code for the Chrome operating system, which is expected to launch on new netbooks by the end of 2010.  The browser-centric OS has a lightweight, fast-booting Linux core.  No plans have been announced for a beta release, but developers can compile the source code and run Chrome OS on a virtual machine to test Web app compatibility.

The Mozilla Foundation experienced a 5% revenue increase in 2008 according to a recently posted financial statment.  The foundation's revenue for 2008 was $79 million.  The revenues were up even more in 2007 when they increased by 12%.  Considering that Mozilla is an open-source effort, the numbers are very good.  Firefox's search-ad deal with Google is one of the largest sources of revenue for Mozilla.

"Terracotta Acquires Quartz" is the top link on DZone in the last 24 hours.  The post provides
a concise overview of the recent Quartz acquisition.

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