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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/30

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/30

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Two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the matter" told Reuters that Oracle asked for a hearing with the European Commission, which will take place December 10th.  This could mean that Oracle finally plans to address the EU's concerns about MySQL and the database market.  Oracle previously criticized the EU's investigation, calling it a "profound misunderstanding" of open source and competition in the database market.  59 US Senators recently put pressure on the EU to wrap up its investigation.

Google recently gave users a new way to confirm their identities on certain websites.  The URL of a user's Google Profile is now an OpenID, which means that someone with a Google Profile can confirm their identity on any website that supports OpenID.  Just paste the URL when the site asks for your OpenID and you'll be sent to Google where you confirm the request.  Previously, users would have to deal with a more cumbersome URL to access their Google Open ID.  To find your own Google Profile URL, go here.

Salesforce.com recently partnered with CA and BMC Software to enhance the Force.com cloud computing platform.  The Agile Planner will help reduce time-to-market by giving users visibility and control over development initiatives.  Customers will be able to accelerate Salesforce CRM deployment within their organization.  The inclusion of BMC software is aimed at addressing customer demand for critical service desk function, which includes inventory management and self-service. 

The New York Times continues to market its digital subscriptions by offering a $100 discount on the Samsung Go netbook for people who order a one year subscription to the Times Reader 2.0.  The subscription costs $179.40 and the Samsung Go comes with the Reader preinstallled.  The deal will be available through March 2010.

"Lightweight Groovy toolkit for App Engine, Gaelyk 0.3.2, released with URL routing support"
is DZone's top link in 24 hours.  See the post for details on all the new features.

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