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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/9

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/9

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An SAP spokesperson confirmed that the company's CEO Leo Apotheker sent a letter to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison less than two weeks after the EU antitrust probe began.  A Wall Street Journal editorial speculates about the letter's intent in relation to a suit that Oracle had pending against SAP, saying "The timing of the letter suggests that Mr. Apotheker either believed, or wanted Oracle to believe, that he could smooth the merger review if he so desired."  The editorial is now fueling suspicions that SAP's lobbying efforts are a major force behind the EU's actions.  Was SAP hoping to make a bargain with Oracle?  Oracle drops the lawsuit and SAP stops the lobbying?  SAP's spokesperson responded to the WSJ editorial saying, "It certainly overstates what SAP can and is able to do."

The war over Skype finally ended when Skype cofounders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, agreed to sell the last bit of Skype technology that eBay didn't own.  eBay will now be able to complete its sale of the majority stake in Skype.  eBay wanted to sell Skype earlier this year to focus on its ecommerce businesses.  Friis and Zennstrom will get a 14% stake in Skype from the deal.

The World Trade Organization may have a case against some states' blanket web censorship if it causes undue disruption of online business.  A study from the European Centre for International Political Economy says the WTO could set limits on blanket censorships and force member states to use more selective filtering.  The Baidu search engine, for example, is beating Google in China because it follows Chinese censorship rules so well.  However, "The Great Firewall of China" would probably not diminish with a WTO ruling since China already has a sophisticated infrastructure for selective censorship in place.  If the WTO makes a ruling against blanket censorship, member states with less selective censorship may have to remove their permanent blocks on search engines and photo-sharing applications unless more selective filtering is used.  

The OpenGamma team has announced the Fudge Messaging Project.  Fudge, which stands for Fast Unstructured Data Generic Encoding, is an open source message encoding protocol.  Kirk Wylie, a member of OpenGamma, said Fudge is intended to encode data that is hierarchical, typesafe, binary, and self-describing.  Fudge is already available in Java and C# reference implementations.

The weekend's top link, "Best Open Source UML tools", sorts out the best programs in a flooded UML tools market.  Have a look and see if you agree with the 12 UML tools that were picked to be the best.

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